ISAT Science Websites:

Graphics, text, and interactive pages

which promote the study of 5th Grade Content Standards

Standard 1: Nature of Science

Understand Systems, Order, and Organization

Rock Cycle:

Water Cycle:

Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Cycle:

Plate Tectonics Cycle:

Understand Concepts and Processes of Evidence, Models, and Explanations

Plant and Animal Cells:

States of Matter:

Understand Constancy, Change, and Measurement

Systems of Measurement:

Understand Concepts of Form and Function

Shape and Form Related to Use and Function:

Understand Scientific Inquiry and Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Science: How it works: Discover & Explore

Scientific Method:

Graphs and Tables:

Scientific Devices:

Standard 2: Physical Science

Understand the Structure and Function of Matter
and Molecules and Their Interactions

Matter - Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures:

Standard 3: Biology

Understand the Relationship between Matter and Energy in Living Systems


Understand the Cell is the Basis of Form and Function for All Living Things

Plant and Animal Cells:

Observable Traits Inherited from Parents:

Standard 4: Earth and Space Systems

Understand Scientific Theories of Origin and
Subsequent Changes in the Universe and Earth Systems

Tectonics and Continental Drift:




Understand Geochemical Cycles and Energy in the Earth System

Classification of Rocks:

Standard 5: Personal and Social Perspectives; Technology

Understand Common Environmental Quality Issues,
Both Natural and Human Induced

Pollution and Water Conservation:


Understand the Importance of Natural Resources
and the Need to Manage and Conserve Them

Renewable and Non-renewable resources: